Services specialises in web authoring solutions;
design, construction, administartion and hosting* of web sites.

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How it works

The standard hourly rate for web authoring is $45/h (ex GST**).

1. New and prospective clients are not charged initially.

2. Typically the main web page is constructed
(according to the client's specifications) at no charge.
At this point the client is given an indication of time and cost involved.
At this point the client is free to decide whether to proceed,
without costing them a cent.

3. If a client chooses to proceed they are invoiced approximately
1/2 way through the project (including the cost of the initial work)
and then at the completion of the project.
(Note: If either 1/2 'stage' extends over a long period of time
then invoicing will take place every 2 weeks.)

* 'hosting' is storing your web site / files on a server, which enables other Internet users to see / visit your site.

** is not registered for GST and does not include GST in its charges. All prices are in Australian dollars.

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